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Rescue From the Land of Woe

She holds my heart like a ship on a raging sea

When will this love, this hope, come unto to me?

She holds the key, to my future and my destiny

Men don’t believe in oceans, yet she is a sailor

She has never failed to find her way into the sea

Now she enters my home, my castle to conquer me

This war has been over, without a single battle cry

There is nothing she couldn’t conquer, seen by her eye

No one drop was spilt, in a ground some call hallowed

Her beauty echoes and many men have tried to follow

She waits for me, my queen before I even knew her

For there moved a destiny, written by the Father

She was made to conquer me, and leave me stranded

Until I knew she was my only hope, I was vanquished

Many have tried, and many more will fail to triumph

For my love has set a course, she need not start a war

She is unattainable to might men of gallantry

For her sapphire eyes have set themselves for one course

She fights for me, her victories have become flawless

She rages against all those with wicked insights

She pulls the arrows from my side, with a tender touch

Her chestnut hair flows in the wind, glows in the snow

How long until her blue eyes find themselves in front of mine

How I long for her water to quench this wasteland

How do I love her? Let walk the beaches and count the sand

I wrote my love a note a threw it in a bottle to the sea

When, oh when, my love, will you come to find me?

Rescue me from this lonely island of failing and diluted love

Rescue me like a saving grace, like an angel from above

Only in you, can I be liberated from this island, the land of woe

I will stand here, gazing and longing for you, from this very shore

Until then, I’ll pray the prayer my heart has long since prayed

When, oh when, will my love sail her ships to my weary soul.


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