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Old Fashion Love

Shout it from the rooftops above the trees

This weight is heavy, I collapse on my knees

Brown eyes, like I’ve never grasped before

Like sands of the beach when it hits the shore

Your brown hair, captured by a renegade wind

You take this broken heart, and put it on the mend

In darkest night, you are the moon that shines

Your smile is a memory returns time after time

I’m staring at 3 dots in our messenger line

Wondering what words you’ll say this time

I’m running in circles to find my way in

Into your heart, a victory worth the win

Those 3 little words frame us, but I keep silent

It’s like looking in the air, to see a storm so violent

I feel the thunder in these walls of my home

Lighting strikes my bones when you ring my phone

I can’t fight this feeling in my soul anymore

It’s my love for you that I’m fighting for

But those words, are like bullets in the gun

The moment is locked in like the burning sun

I’ll fly away with you if given just a moment

I’ll fly with you through the valleys and summits

You make me alive, looking at me with hazel eyes

It’s a moment that always takes me by surprise

Like an amaryllis waiting for the final bloom

I’ll wait for you, hope you’ll come around soon

You leave me powerless in awe of your glow

Like a scripture written on my very bones

Your shine has left me a better man wanting more

A passion that lives and breathes and unlocks the door

I don’t want to be just your sweet talking gentleman

I don’t want to be a washed away castle in the sand

I want to be more than just a friend, but listen to me

I want to promise to you all that I know I can be

I want to give you hope and resurrect old fashion love

I want to give you all that you prayed for from above

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