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My Favorite View in the World

My favorite view in this world

Is when I see how she makes me smile in her eyes

In that moment, in that state of reflection

My heart opens, and words I never imagine pour out

She could be my queen, and I could be her fortress

To her, I could be the hero I never have been

Her smile flows over like a gentle rain

Her voice is like thunder, awakening me again

My heart catches fire when she utters my name

In this world, happiness is believed by all, felt by few

Since she entered my world, count me among the blessed

Her humanity is like the banks of a river

It shows me where to go, and where to stop

She’s an answer to a prayer, that words failed to speak

But my heart knew, this was what I wished for and more

The Spirit moves within her, like loved filled grace

She moves my spirit in her elegance and faith

Her laugh sings to me of a time not so forgotten

When innocence was pure, and God walked near

Created lower than angels, but her spirit still flies

High above it all, she doesn’t get tied down to earthly things

How fare is she above all others who try to compare

She doesn’t weigh herself down by equating herself to others

Her fire burns brightly, and like a moth to a flame

I’m addicted to her, a song with a sweet refrain

She’s humble in light of God’s grace

But she’s strong in spite of what is out in the world

Her mind is sharp, and her spirit is bright

She is home, to this weary and broken soul

How can I describe her in any other way

Poets could write books on her, with plenty more to say

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