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My Corruption

All these things I have done against Your crown

Will the corruption be lifted from my atmosphere?

I seek out You, the One who is high above it all

Infinite in love, Infinite in peace, Infinite in mercy

I seek a regime change in my heart and in my mind

On this broken road, all I have found is further trouble

How many moments did I trade in for a moment of bliss?

When all You sought to give me is eternity of paradise

My soul has set to wander on this dirt beneath my feet

All my dishonesties turn into truths in the presence of You

My mind rages a fury against all the offences I have made

Kings and queens have set a course to rule in your wisdom

Yet I, a beggar, seek out trouble in the midst of obedience

I am counting on Your divine intervention to pull me out

Out of my shame, into a dignity that I have never known

Out of my guilt, into a freedom that only the vindicated know

Out of my suffering, into a peace that angels sing songs about

Son of Adam, cursed from my first transgression to Your holy throne

I come to You, a broken and sin filled weary man of trespass

Begging against the guilt that I cannot erase by my own merit

I confess Your name in the assembly of Your holy saints

I believe that You are my great escape from all this world holds

I believe that You are the everything that has been written

I believe that You and only You, are the drug to heal my pain

Wash over this man that I am, in the water of Your blood

Bury away the man I despise, let me arise anew again

Cleanse me, white as the snow that falls in a Michigan winter

Oh for the heart that pumps gallons and gallons of blood

Enter in, make me clean, make me to look more like You

Water and the Spirit has made me new in Your vision

This is the man You wanted me to be from my childhood

Cleanse me daily, as I stumble in your ways and as I fall

For I am a son of Adam, but also a son of the Most High

Teach me to number my minutes as I won’t be here long

When I lay down and breathe my last breath on this plain

Holy One, let me enter into the paradise You’ve been building

Allow me entrance into Your great and grand design

Where my corruption, is finally laid aside forevermore


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