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Mountains and Valleys

Like stones that are clashed by rushing water

You smooth out my rough edges into dust

You’re the soldier’s cry as he goes into war

I’d risk my life and my future to save yours

You are the calm before the thunderstorm

You are my shelter, my fortress, my protection

Love has many degrees, so much is a mystery

In you I find truth, I find fact, I find certainty

I’d lose all control of all in my life that I hold dear

As long as your words of comfort are always near

You call me to a great unknown, past the blue yonder

You send me to heaven, to avoid all my demons

You prop me up as your hero, your great white knight

Even when I told you, I’m a broken different kind of knight

You run me like a fast car, every curve is chasing freedom

The street signs and city lights play our own symphony

You rise above it all, and like a light from heaven above

You shine all around me, illuminating my desire for love

My darling, can’t you see what love has done to me

It’s humbled my spirit and brought me down to my knees

I’m a beggar in this world of fancy dreams and desires

My one and only plea, is that you’ll stay here with me

The sky above my heart, holds the moon to fight the dark

In you I find rapturous delight when I attract your sight

Like these waves, I rise and fall, and crash into your arms

Rivers turn to oceans, but yet the oceans never truly fill

So is my love for you my dear, continually filling till time shall end

10,000 horses could never make me leave your embrace

How do you my love overtake me and leave me breathless

How do you uplift my heart till it resides where angels fly

How do you make the ground you walk on a spiritual high

You my love, can move the mountains and make the valleys shake

For your love, is in short, the full spectrum of my life’s course


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