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Mankind's Corruption

Everyone thinks they are a saint in this town

Every crook steals a smile, turns it into a frown

They dive head first into the shining sea

Like children, they sink before they swim

There is no end to this road we are on

Like the old song says, time marches on

From the cradle all the way to the grave

We are searching for how to be saved

They are wolverines, always ready to fight

Whether in darkest day, or brightest light

They burn inside like a Tennessee whiskey

Like learning to love is always quite risky

The moon over this city shines differently

White to red, as the town cries for sanity

The way they move, and the words they said

Speaking words into truth like a new testament

They ask the question, how long shall it be?

Before the stars fall down, mountains into the sea

God of Mercy, forgive them in their obliviousness

It is well, and let it be, for our souls are loved by thee

Ruthless Earth, getting ready for the collection

It’s become so passe, like a local election

They claim to be angel of mercy, but give into hate

They pray their time of refuge is not too late

We watch like observers from the outside window

Watching them cry like a baby, or a sudden widow

Get out of your own way, and forge a new start

Stop putting the horse in front of the cart

You’re addicted to your own faults and own sins

You’re in the middle of a battle but you’ll never win

You’ve laid down your arms, hoping for a fair fight

You close your eyes not realizing salvation is in sight

Man’s greatest flaw, is thinking one does not exist

Conviction itself is in a war for its own existence

Blessed are the poor, for true wealth can never be taken

Blessed are the meek, for in silence, truth is spoken

Blessed are the lonely, for their hearts are open

Blessed are the lost, for they will soon find the Way

Blessed are the suffering, for mercy shall call them first

Blessed are you, who read this poem and truly understand

That the ways of man falter, but the Way shall never waver


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